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Photographing Our Travels: Tips from Infinite Satori

Originally posted on The Daily Post:

When we travel, we’re reminded that everything is connected by a beautifully intricate, invisible thread. We are filled with wanderlust — exploring a foreign country or city, an exotic island, or mountains in the mist. Wherever we are, we indulge in the novelty of each moment.

Each place has its own charm, energy, and ambience that will leave its trace in your soul. A travel photographer’s job is to capture this while it’s still there, available to all of your senses.

Stephanie Dandan is a photographer, travel writer, and founder of Infinite SatoriFor her project called The Wanderers, she’s exploring Asia, photographing travelers and nomads for a book and online community.

When you return home or move to a different country, time passes, and those photographs from your wanderings have the power to mentally teleport you to another time. Photography has the power to make people feel like they are right there with…

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AirBnB: Why I’m Using it and Why You Should Too.

Originally posted on The Shooting Star:

On my recent trip to the Philippines, I spent a night in Manila at a charming vintage Spanish villa, complete with high ceilings, old hardwood floors and tasteful antiques. It sat in a quiet bylane of a typical Pinoy barangay (neighborhood). During the day, mellow instrumental music wafted in from the large windows, and down on the streets, boys from the neighborhood played basketball, aiming for makeshift hoops. In the evenings, jeepneys and tricycles, the heartbeat of the Manila Metropolis, moved in organized chaos on the narrow roads, much like in India, soliciting passengers at every corner. This is how I like to travel.

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Day 230

This day, a month ago I did some things which I should have kept hold of and here I’m, I always don’t remember the things which are important atleast to the path of the road I travel to get rid of the past and go.forward to my future. I am a not doing this correctly I wouldn’t have done if I meant to,.I don’t know to hurt but what’s coming is not my mistake, and I’ll always dwell on opportunity to make, not create them. I do what I’m best at but that’s not what I am…Still didn’t know what to say, even I’ve written a lot….Sorry for the grammar. You understood, Chetan

Day 84

Days, what to say about them, you spend it, you earn it, you win it , you lose it, you learn from it, you earn from it, so what have learn from it, to say it we need a expression that help us to project to others and rest is history.


Music was introduced to world way before I was born…kidding I was never important to world in concept of music…

Many songs have been written, composed, choreographed by many

They say that all good things come to and end, a day also will come to an end whether its a good day or a bad day but it makes you bad day a good deed if you listen to good music in phone or laptop or radio ….

Day 138

It’s always hard to express the individuality to other, even if they understand you,  you can’t explain what you are,

I say at the end, people don’t know who you are, then what is the achievement

signing off with three dots, bye for now.